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What About us

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Who we are

CUT//ONCE Web Design Studio started as a dream. We wanted to do things in our own way, to give alternative and creative solutions to our clients and to pursue their goals, until we realize them.

Since forming in May 2015, we have grown into an agile team with big ideas, made up of professionals with drive and passion for the work and we love working with like-minded people.

CUT//ONCE is a distributed creative studio, where are working freelance professionals - UX/UI designers, front-end developers and project-managers, who collaborate in project-based teams. We believe that the process of creative cooperation - from the concept to the implementation - is the best way to make visually attractive and memorable products.

Being a remote team allows us to be more focused and inspired as opposed to most of the "Nine-to-Six" places. Our core values are independence, self-motivation and constant drive to improve.

Currently available for freelance work

CUT//ONCE web design studio - We make it easy!

We make it easy!

  • Innovative solutions that work

  • High quality professional products

  • Simplicity easy to use

  • Adding value to your brand

  • Integrity and respect to client

  • Safety no need to worry

What we believe

Our mission is to help our clients improve their online presence. We specialise in the design and build of web products for people who care about their impact on the world and their users, not just profits.

Our development process is focused on results for people that care about what they do and how it's made, so we put lots of efforts on making intuitive designs & clean code for our projects. We solve real problems through thoughtful, research-led design.

Meet our dream team

We know that the business is as strong as the people who work there. Our team is young and ambitious and knows well the difference between mediocre and amazingly good product. We are self-motivated, responsible professionals and we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone.

What's behind the name?

Cut Once
/kʌt wʌns/

We strongly appreciate our client's time. The name of our creative studio, CUT//ONCE, represents our approach to take special care in the early stages of project development. We always carefully plan everything we do ahead of time to prevent errors and avoid extra work later on. This way we make sure we offer our clients a thoughtful solutions and everything runs smoothly when their website come to life.

An old proverb says Measure twice, cut once.

1. (Literally, referring to carpentry and needlework)
One should always double check one's measurements before cutting materials to minimize the chance of mistakes thus wasting materials, time and money.

2. (Figuratively, when describing oneself)
Plan and prepare careful and thorough manner before taking action.

Do you have a project in mind?

We will be thrilled to help you to bring your idea to life, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.